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10:35pm 07/09/2002
  i had a tinnnny toro much to drink-o at tony-o i speakkk spanish hahaha *kisses to everyone* i got to gooo party at pinks tommorrow right sunday wooo get drunker you bad bad boy thats a song im lisstenin to right now i love singin wooo im guna go...feel like im guna go get sick * pukes on pink - earlier bday present haha * love ya people

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wooo woo go us   
09:41pm 30/08/2002
  haha congrats everyone who won moon men it was such a fun night poor gav was in london ;[ lol me and gav are in teen people for couple thingy *yippie* lol well im guna go bye *congrats*

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09:07pm 24/08/2002
mood: awake
hi everyone its gwen stefani from no doubt whats up !!!!!! i heard this was fun so ill try it im in Australia my las show till oct something me and gavin are getting married sept 12 whew i cant wait till isee everyone at the vmas that should be crazyyy ahh lol well im guna go bye love yall !!

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